ASci Corporation Corporation

Environmental Testing Laboratory

ASci Corporationís Environmental Testing Laboratory (ASci-ETL) provides aquatic and sediment toxicity testing services to chemical companies, regulatory agencies, consulting and engineering firms and governments worldwide. Established in 1991, ASci-ETL is located in a modern, fully-equipped 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Duluth, Minnesota. ASci-ETL was established by Dr. Donald Mount, a leading aquatic toxicologist and developer of many of the US EPA toxicity testing guidelines.

WET Testing and Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIEs)

ASci provides whole effluent toxicity testing services. We have conducted a broad spectrum of acute and chronic toxicity tests and are experienced in addressing federal and state biomonitoring procedures.

We have extensive experience performing Phase I, II, and III TIEís with both acute and chronically toxic effluents and aqueous fractions of sediments. Our experience gives us a distinct advantage in performing full scale TIEís and assisting clients solve their toxicity problems.

Chemical Product Testing

ASci tests chemicals and genetically-engineered microorganisms for registration worldwide. We conduct chemical product tests for the industrial, pesticide, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Our laboratory conducts testing in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) procedures. In addition, we can customize test conditions and report format to suit the parameters or documentation requirements of our clients.

Our Chemical Product Testing services include:

    Ecotoxicity Testing
  • Aquatic Toxicity Tests (Vertebrates and Invertebrates)
  • Marine and Freshwater Species
  • Sediment and Soil
  • Algal Growth and Toxicity
  • Bioaccumulation/Bioconcentration
  • Seed Germination and Root Elongation
    Microbiological Testing
  • Biodegradation
  • Activated Sludge Respiration
  • Microbial Growth Inhibition
  • Aerobic Sewage Treatment
  • COD/BOD studies

Sediment Toxicity Testing


ASci has experience in evaluating the toxicity of bulk sediments, elutriates and pore waters. Both flow-through and static test systems are utilized to assess sediment toxicity to marine and freshwater species.

TIE procedures are routinely applied to identify classes of compounds responsible for sediment toxicity. These services assist regulators in performing environmental assessments, dredged material disposal, and site remediation.

Our Sediment Toxicity Testing services include:

    Sediment Testing
  • Biodegradation
  • Freshwater and Marine Species
  • Flow Through and Semi-Static Systems
  • Full US EPA and OECD Species list
  • Chemical Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Life Cycle Studies
  • Elutriate Testing
  • Bioaccumulation Studies

ASci Advantages

NELAP Accreding Authority
  • Extensive experience testing chemical products, sediments and effluents for industry and government clients
  • Ability to perform studies involving a large number of aquatic and sediment samples and tests
  • Excellent turnaround time along with thoroughly written reports
  • Ability to perform complex studies and customize tests and report formats to meet client needs
  • Experience testing under OECD, EPA, USACE, ASTM, TSCA, and CCME guidelines
  • Located near Duluth International Airport for efficient receipt and processing of samples


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